Fig. 12. Double-formed Spira Solaris and the Milky Way

Figure 12. Double-formed* Spira Solaris and the plan-view of the Milky Way
[ Milky Way plan-view from: Atlas of the Universe ]

Macrobius "explains" in his Commentary on the Dream of Scipio, (Trans.Thomas Taylor,1823):

"Pythagoras thought that the empire of Pluto began downwards from the milky way, because souls falling from thence appear to have already receded from the Gods. Hence he asserts, that the nutriment of milk is first offered to infants because their first motion commences from the galaxy, when they begin to fall into terrene bodies..... From the confine, therefore, in which the zodiac and galaxy reach each other, the soul, descending from a round figure, which is the only divine form, is produced into a cone by its defluxion. And as a line is generated from a point, and proceeds into length from an indivisible, so the soul, from its own point, which is a monad, passes into the duad, which is the first extension. And this is the essence which Plato, in the Timaeus, calls impartible, and at the same time partible, when he speaks of the nature of the mundane soul. For as the soul of the world, so likewise that of man, will be found to be in one respect without division, if the similarity of a divine nature is considered; and in another respect partible if we regard the diffusion of the former through the world, and of the latter through the members of the body.

    "As soon, therefore, as the soul gravitates towards body in this first production of herself, she begins to experience a material tumult, that is, matter flowing into her essence. And this is what Plato remarks in the Phaedo, but the soul is drawn into body staggering with recent intoxication; signifying by this, the new drink of matter's impetuous flood, through which the soul, becoming defiled and heavy, is drawn into a torrent situation. But the starry cup placed between Cancer and the Lion is a symbol of this mystic truth, signifying that descending souls first experience intoxication in that part of the heavens through the influx of matter. Hence oblivion, the companion of intoxication, there begins silently to creep into the recesses of the soul. For if souls retained in their descent to bodies the memory of divine concerns, of which they were conscious in the heavens, there would be no dissention among men about divinity. But all, indeed, in descending, drink of oblivion; though some more and others less. On this account, though truth is not apparent to all men on the earth, yet all exercise their opinions about it; because a defect of memory is the origin of opinion. But those discover most, who have drank least of oblivion, because they easily remember what they had known before in the heavens.
     "The soul, therefore, falling with this first weight from the zodiac and milky way into each of the subject spheres, is not only clothed with the accession of a luminous body, but produces the particular motions which it is to exercise in the respective orbs. (Source: The Selected Works of Porphyry, Translated by Thomas Taylor, Thomas Rod, London 1823:186-189; emphases supplied)

* Double-formed
   In a simplistic sense, the transition from two to three dimensions, i.e., the rotation of two-dimensional Spira Solaris ( k = Phi 2 ) through 180 degrees in both vertical and horizontal planes; the fourth dimension is time itself --"Time: Eternal, Young and Old, and of a Spiral Form."  See Part 4d2b:"Spira Solaris and the Three-Fold Number" and a similar result  for "Whirlpool" galaxy M51 ( k = Phi 4

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